Flowers decoration
Flowers decoration

Flowers decoration 

We have alle kind of flowers and roses.

In many colours.


  • Artificial flowers

    Beautiful flowers Tufts then the artificial flowers and berries

  • Acryl fowers Rond

    This round gems are very beautiful on all your projects. But also very beautiful as the heart of flowers to use, we have different sizes.

  • Clay flowers

    clay flowers beautiful to decorate your 3d cards

  • Flowers metal

    Do you like mixed media ... then these are beautiful flowers for your project.

  • Flower packages

    various paper flowers in different sizes, so you will always have the right size.
    Combine and set itself the most beautiful flower along with these packets.

  • Flowers Acryl
  • Flower bouquet

    Sseveral  flowers bouquet.

  • Paper flowers

    paper flowers