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  • scrapbooking explanation

    scrapbooking explanation

    For scrapbbooking you don't need a lot of stuff. You can also work with few materials. These are some basic necessities you need anyway: Charms Charms Scissors Ink Cutting device or cut blade Paper Glue embellishments In addition, for...

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    Monday, December 16 2019
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  • Brads


    Many colors and sizes Brads available.

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    Monday, September 30 2019
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  • Mixed media canvas

    Mixed media canvas

    mixed media canvas

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    Sunday, December 4 2016
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  • gears


    Example  card where we have uses steampunk,radar.

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    Sunday, September 18 2016
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  • back in stock

    back in stock

    When an item is not available, you can specifyn your mail address at the article: When the product is back in stock you will receive a mail when you can order the item.

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    Sunday, June 26 2016
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  • make your own ropes

    make your own ropes

    You can make yourself very easy little ropes.

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    Wednesday, June 8 2016
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